Oil & Gas

Cosmi started business in the Oil & Gas sector, specifically in the mechanical assembly of on-shore and, later, off-shore installations gaining remarkable experience in the construction and assembly of gas treatment plants, off-shore platforms, modification and revamping of power stations.


In recent years, the Italian energy sector has seen power plants for the production of electrical power, both new and old, gradually converted to gas. Cosmi has invested its resources and know-how in this ever growing market. In particular, we dealt with repowering of existing plants and construction of new production units.

Chemical and Petrochemical

Cosmi has also expanded into the chemical and petrochemical sectors, both in the assembly and construction field and in plant maintenance. Cosmi's track records also include long term involvement in the erection of chemical and petrochemical plants.


In today's understanding of the term Global Maintenance Service (GMS) Cosmi provides services aimed to meeting customer's demands, taking into account battery limits and operations required.  Thanks to a long term experience in the field the company can offer an appropriate combination of managerial skills and expertise.


Cosmi internal resources enable the handling of all stages, from concept to detailed design, for projects to be completed on time and on budget, dealing promptly and effectively with all the various technical problems that can arise while carrying out the work.

Electro - Instrumental Division

Dedicated staff has gained great experience and capabilities in different sectors concerning advanced technology (industrial and process automation devices, local and remote control equipment, etc.) for installations in the Oil & Gas, chemical and petrochemical fields.  

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