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Asset Integrity 4.0.

A cutting-edge solution developed by Cosmi Spa in partnership with Akselos. This innovative approach allows real-time management of large amounts of data through a digital twin, providing immediate solutions to complex issues that typically require long processing times. Asset Integrity 4.0 streamlines the monitoring of structural integrity through the use of a digital twin. All data is interconnected and managed through a single interface that can be customized for each user. The patented Reduced Basis (RB-FEA) technology allows for accurate and rapid calculation of large assets. A new era in asset management with Asset Integrity 4.0.


The Group Companies

Gruppo Cosmi springs from a company operating in the field of mechanical assembly.
The corrent structure is the result of an expansion started in 1986 with the establishment of a financial holding
which ensures an sufficient organization in trading, logistics, management and administrative services.


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