COSMI supplies tailored solutions of project integrated logistics taking care of the whole material and equipment management, during revision and requalification interventions, as well as during the construction of Oil & Gas plants. We propose integrated solutions in the field of material management, dealing with the whole supply chain, product selection and transportation, from storage to site delivery, along with various technical services.
The corporate experience in the Oil & Gas sector enable us to convert any need into targeted solutions, developed together with the Client, in a perspective of optimization of costs and resources.
In order to carry out integrated logistics activities, the Company employs highly professional staff with proven knowledge and capabilities in the supply chain logistics for the energy sector.



Material management services consist of:  goods identification and traceability, inspection, packaging management, warehouse storage, packaging and site delivery.

Our tailored Project Integrated Logistics solutions include the following activities:

  • Logistics Engineering
  • Logistic base management
  • offshore maritime services
  • waste managament
  • material storage and management
  • warehouse resources management
  • cleareance
  • services at marshalling yard
  • Procurement, CMMS
  • Logistics harbour operators
  • Control and implementation
  • specialized staff recruitment
  • project cargo forwarding
  • marine and offshore engineering services
  • offices, cars and structures
  • camps and lodging

COSMI acts like a project-oriented independent supplier of a wide range of targeted services, developed so as to ensure a seamless delivery.

The company is always available for a tailored quote on integrated logistics. Get in touch with our professionals to expose your needs and receive a consultation.