Established in 1974 as a construction company, today COSMI provides a range of technical services: from design and feasibility studies to planning and scheduling of activities, including logistics and procurement.

Throughout the years, the Company has developed innovative solutions in the field of industrial installations, specializing in the energy sector and not only: from onshore and offshore industrial plants construction for the Oil & Gas, to industrial plants for the manufacturing, chemical and petrochemical sectors.

Today COSMI is a supplier of excellence for Italian and international companies that aim to develop innovative, functional and avant-guard projects.

Thanks to a technical team of young qualified professionals, COSMI is able to take care of each project starting from the very early stages  (from design study to risk analysis), all the way through plant construction, maintenance, as well as assistance and revamping.

Our priority is getting the very best from the assets we operate: that means maximizing productivity, reducing costs and risks and extending the life.  We focus on minimizing downtime, enhancing cost-effective production and maximizing return on investment, always working in respect of the highest HSE standards. The Company supplies tailored service solutions that meet Clients’ project requirements and grant the best technical and human performances for the Oil & Gas, O.S. and energy transition markets offering EPC TURN KEY activities.



COSMI technical services meet all Clients’ needs. From design study to construction, the Company is able to operate in any kind of context including harsh environments, always handling every task with top proficiency, accuracy and a thorough eye for detail.


COSMI carries out the following activities:

design study and  clients’ needs analysis

feasibility studies and risk analysis

planning and scheduling

asset integrity

– onshore and offshore structure installation and construction

– onshore and offshore industrial plants construction

logistics and transports

– material handling

– quality assurance


Working with Cosmi means entrusting the design of one or more energy plants to a qualified partner that never lets quality, expertise and reliability take second place.