COSMI operates according to Organizational model 231 DOWNLOAD PDF 
further guarantee of quality and integrity in the management of the company governance
as well as of the performance of activities and technical services.


COSMI corporate governance is founded on a reliable and transparent internal management. Besides complying with formal rules, administration and governance are based on the pursuit of the company objectives as well the Clients’, with the aim of combining long-term achievement and observance for partners’ needs and interests.

Leadership is a core concept within the company mission of delivering successful projects in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner.  COSMI managers boast a solid experience and work with dedication and commitment towards the Clients.

Corporate governance is therefore the basis on which building an efficient and trustworthy relationship with shareholders, partners and employees, in a light of thoroughness and transparency along the whole cooperation.

We place Clients’ needs and expectations at the center of the business strategy, in order to achieve long-term growth and add value to partners’ operations with highly differentiated services.


The ongoing commitment aims at becoming a truly reliable partner, through the supply of innovative solutions for any challenge.

The Sole Director is the management body of the company and is committed to adopting the Corporate Code of Ethics and implementing the “Organizational, management and governance Model” as per D.Lgs. n.231/01 “Discipline of administrative liability of legal entities”, also known as “Organizational Model 231DOWNLOAD PDF, also based on the existing Internal Governance System.

As laid down in D.Lgs. 231/01, a supervisory body has been appointed in order to monitor the performance, effectiveness, adequacy and observance to Organizational Model 231.

Moreover, COSMI adopts a business code of conduct DOWNLOAD PDF in the management of partners and customers relationships aimed at the achievement of objectives in the preliminary stages.

For the Supervisory Body please refer to – ODV231_COSMI@gruppocosmicom.