COSMI offers a range of services within the asset integrity & brownfield modification.

We provide professional engineering solutions for modifications and plants update, in a view of safeguarding the integrity and efficiency of resources.


Asset integrity interventions are aimed at assessing and containing hazards at petrochemical establishments and plants, onshore and offshore structures, Oil & Gas industrial plants, etc.


The company is committed to supplying the best support, thanks to a highly qualified technical staff, to ensure the cost-effectiveness of the residual life of offshore structures. The purpose of interventions and modifications in the so-called “brownfield” is to repower and transform long-standing plants that are either poorly productive or environmentally harmful, through operations that consist of much more than a simple “optimization”.

The objective is, indeed, to develop a regeneration and recovery project that brings on benefits in terms of plants productivity, environmental protection and resource development.

The recovery goes through asset integrity management activities, that is current status check, risks assessment, and post intervention benefits analysis (on an economic, environmental level, etc.).  To achieve such objective, COSMI makes its vast experience in the Oil & Gas available to the Client, in a set of cutting-edge tools and methods that enable to operate in total  efficiency even in particularly harsh environments.

Our tailored solutions include the following activities:

  • feasibility studies
  • engineering
  • asset modifications
  • plants renovation (upgrade, expansion, revamping)
  • personnel
  • topside modifications and productive units
  • security system upgrade
  • insulation services
  • HVAC and chiller systems
  • existing systems capacity check (process, electrical, instrumentation, structural, mechanical)
  • controls and certifications
  • final record data book

The whole technical staff is available for further information on the activities in the brownfield sector and asset integrity management services!